Wind farms operating companies

  • The citizens’ co-operative “Moulins du Haut Pays” employs the services of WTCE Services in relation to the maintenance of its wind turbines at the Dour-Quiévrain wind farm.
  • Vanheede company calls on WTCE Services for upkeeping platform, accompanying required inspections and expertise regarding operation for its wind turbine in Quévy.
  • Ipalle appoint WTCE Services to take care of required inspections for his Wind Farm “Les Moulins Saint-Roch” in Péruwelz-Beloeil.
  • Ventis S.A. is a partner of WTCE Services as regards all of its wind farms in Belgium and WTCE Services looks after maintenance, inspections, reports, etc on the former’s behalf.

Manufacturers and builders of wind turbines