Overview of the company

WTCE Services S.A. is a company which was set up by Benoit and Pierre Mat.  It meets the requirements of owners of wind farms who want to be assisted and helped in relation to the project management, construction, operation and maintenance of wind farms.

A single point of contact

The package provided by WTCE Services consists of organising and taking responsability for all maintenance and checking tasks (excluding technical tasks).  The package we provide enables you to have a single point of contact and not many, reduces your staff’s travel time, and prevents mishaps from occurring.  WTCE Services is your single point of contact and we will carry out all these tasks.


Specialised in the services necessary for the building and correct operation of wind farms, WTCE Services puts, at your disposal, its experience, its contacts, its expertise and its professionalism.  From negotiations with manufacturers to management of construction, assistance at the time of various periodic checks and the maintenance of platforms, WTCE Services is your go-to partner to ensure that your wind farm gets up and running correctly and on time, and then to run it.