Assistance with the operation of wind farms

Assistance at the time of inspections

We organise and provide help with inspections carried out by companies that are accredited to undertake mandatory inspections (as regards high voltage stations, lifts, etc).

Readings of production and consumption meters

  • Onsite readings of the various meters
  • Detailed reports on these readings are sent to you

Readings of Green Certificate meters in conjunction with accredited inspection bodies

  • We organise readings of Green Certificate meters
  • We send reports to the CWaPE (Commission Wallonne Pour l’Energie, the official regulating body for the Walloon electricity and gas markets)

Maintenance of platforms and of access roads

  • Collection and removal of waste which may accumulate on platforms
  • Mowing of grassy areas, weeding of stations and of surrounding areas
  • Spraying of roads and platforms so that technicians work in a tidy and welcoming environment
  • We draw up reports, which feature photos as evidence, regarding access roads and platforms, and we obtain quotes for any repairs that may be necessary
  • We organise any snow-clearance and gritting work that may be necessary as regards wind farm access roads
  • We travel onsite to individually restart wind turbines, in the event of the formation of frost, following instructions issued by the operator